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Welcome to our 2015 spring bulb range.


We are a small wholesale nursery situated in Silvan, the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges bordered by the magnificent Yarra Valley. We pride ourselves in producing high quality bulbs and flowers, for the nursery industry. All of our products are hand planted, hand dug, hand cleaned and hand packed, to ensure the end product is the best it possibly can be!

This website is primarily for our wholesale customers, and for you, the home gardener, who may have purchased our products. You will find it is a great reference for growing information, and the best place to see our full range. As we dont generally sell retail, the best way to access our bulbs is through your local nursery, who can order on your behalf. We do attend a small number of garden shows annually, where you can purchase directly from us. These are listed in our 'Shows' page.

As many of you will know, last year was our first season venturing into the pre packed market, and after speaking to many of you, as well as our extensive experience in the industry we have decided to make a few changes.

The biggest change, as you may have seen is the flat rate pricing on most products! Eg. All tulips now sell at the same wholesale rate, and their RRP is the same, making pricing really easy for you and your staff!

Our wooden box system is looking awesome and ready to go. For a long time now, this has been the way we present our bulbs at large events, like Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Customers loved it, and we decided, yours should too! It makes your job really easy, with boxes arriving to the nursery, ready to go. All you need to do it stand the lid up, and let the sales commence! How easy is that?!? Each box has 4 compartments, and the ability to carry about 15bags per compartment (some more, some less, it really depends on the bulb!) Boxes are made by a local mens shed, with all funds supporting their cause.

Our product range has expanded, with more lines on offer than the previous season, however, if something is not listed, and you would like it, let us know…we more than likely carry it and it simply wasn’t put on the prepacked list.

We know we are not the biggest company out there, but, as always, we pride ourselves on being able to supply the highest quality bulb, for optimum performance. All stock is hand dug, hand cleaned, hand packed! This ensures absolute quality. All stock is guaranteed to flower in its first season, unless otherwise specified.

All large bulbs (eg. Daffs, Tulips, Nerine) will continue to be packed into our net bags. This allows for complete breathability, prevents sweating, and keeps the bulbs in prime condition ready for the growing season. EVERY packed has a white, printed, push in label. Ready to go straight in, as the customer plants the bulbs! Packs of 25 are packed in a heavy duty paper bag, which is able to free stand beside boxes or on countertops. Small bulbs are packed in white paper with name stickers on the front, perfect counter top products.

Along side the prepacked products, is the cost if you wish to buy the bulbs in bulk. We are more than happy to supply you with packing products should you wish to pack them yourselves. Please contact us for options.

Some things to note…

*Minimum of 5 packs per variety (it takes 10-15 packs to fill a wooden compartment).

*Order and pay prior to January 31 and save 5%.

*Freight is at your cost.

*Pick up from the NGIV Trade Day is more than welcome, but we need notice of your order (at least a week).

*Local nurseries – A rep is more than happy to come out and discuss pre pack options with you! Just call to arrange a time.

*Growing guides will be provided free of charge.


Wishing you all the best!

Tim & Maddie Drewitt